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Style Renovation. Download Your Own Fashion Consultant. Find Out Your Personal Body Type And What Clothing To Buy. Save Money By Learning How To Buy Smarter.


Building a solid Wardrobe Foundation

For some people building a wardrobe simply means going out and buying clothes and shoes that are comfortable. For others shopping is a second religion for them so building a wardrobe has more to do with how many times a week they can go shopping than what is actually in there closet. But there are others that are working with tight budgets so going shopping all the time to build a sensible stylish wardrobe is important for both work and casual time. I have been talking with my wife about how she goes about building her wardrobe and she gave a few simple tips that I am going to share with you. One of the things that she told me that stuck with me the most was, "Don't buy special occasion clothes. Buy a few pieces that no matter where you go or what you are doing they will be ok to wear."

Know your Bodyshape
First off as a Plus size man or woman not everything will fit your bodyshape so that's the first step to make sure that you know your bodyshape and if it is something that is not flattering to your bodyshape then its not for you. This is the number one reason that lots of Plus people are unhappy with there clothes.

Buy a core set of clothes
This will be the foundation of your entire wardrobe. In this first series I'm going to concentrate on the women then I will follow up with the men. These are the pieces that you should have and once you have these you can build on your closet to such a degree that people will think that you have a closet full of clothes when in actuality you only have a modest collection.

Purchasing a basic black and blue skirt that comes to the knee or below is a must. Not only do these two colors go with just about anything but there is no need to go out and buy a new skirt for every top that you own. Whether there is a pattern or strip on the skirt is up to your individual tastes.

The same rule for skirts can also apply to pants. Basic black or blue to begin with then if you want to add color that's up to you but still stick with the basics for now because you are building your foundation that will take you thru at least two seasons. 

Tops are the key to making your wardrobe seem like you have a ton of clothes. Having at least two dozens tops of various styles and colors to match your tastes is just the perfect thing to set off your wardrobe.

With the introduction of tennis shoes into the workplace it makes it tough sometimes for some ladies to tie together an outfit without looking like they are about to head out for a day of errands. Sticking with our foundation theme then when it comes to shoes the type shoes that are your core shoes depends on your job. If you have a job that you stand all day then high heels are not the shoe for you, a modest pump or flat is the direction that you need to go. If standing is not an issue then a heel is ok but if your not a heel person then obviously a mule or sandal would be a great start.

The sky is the limit in this area. Belts, sarongs, sashes, ear rings, rings, anklets, etc. Are the perfect things to set off any outfit. Having fun interesting pieces that reflect your personality and fashion sense can go a long way towards building a strong foundation of clothes.

Things to avoid
What kills a lot of ladies today is that they spend a lot of time and money buying jeans, to the point that a big part of there closet consists of jeans therefore when its time to do something that requires a more dressy approach then they are in a bind to find something to wear. Owning a few pairs of jeans, tennis shoes and baseball caps is not a problem but they shouldn't be the foundation of your wardrobe. Also avoid fancy t-shirts. Though t-shirt technology has come a long way bottom line its still a t-shirt.

It's obvious that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far at your clothes are concerned because we all know that buying clothes is a very individual personal thing and when it comes to a plus lady its even more so. But with a few smart choices then you can build a strong foundation that you can mix and match endlessly be it for work or for more casual affairs.

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Travel With Style

Your heading out for that vacation you've been waiting sooo long for. You've got your tickets, passports current.

Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion as you jet off to paradise - you can truly have both!

What to take? It's really quite easy. Don't just squeeze whatever you can into that suitcase, then hope you've got everything to travel in style.

We're going to help you pack the perfect "fashion statement" suitcase for your trip to paradise!

Trip to the Airport - For your trip to the airport dress comfortably but don't overdo it. Don't be a "show off" at the airport, you'll draw as much negative attention as the "scruffy person". Remember you've got security to clear so keep the jewelry simple to avoid setting off alarms and creating long lineups of backlog as they take you apart one piece at a time. Carry a travel wallet with slots for your id, passport and boarding pass - it will keep things moving smoothly.

Have a pocket in your carry on where you can place your jewelry and coins in prior to clearing security. Remember your jacket, poncho, or overgarmet may be removed so make sure what your wearing underneath is appropriate for others to view.

Basics to Pack - Pack a lightweight coat, white or light colored shirt that goes with many of your other wardrobe pieces, neutral pants, and a tote bag. Be sure to include a cardigan for the cooler evenings.

Pack a versatile dress than you can dress up or down depending on what your plans are. Pack both flat sandles and sandles with a slight heel - wedges are perfect.

Wardrobe For Sightseeing - As glamourous as you may want to look while out exploring the sites and shopping at your destination, stilettos are out of the question!

Comfortable shoes are a must for the mileage your going to put on your feet. As well you must bring jeans or similar type casual pant day or night jacket, a versatile skirt and a dress is great.

Your Trip To The Beach - Don't overpack for a week in the tropics. Just bring the minimum, you'll not be wearing much more than that in your "hot" tropical location.

Make certain you have a pair of strappy flat or near flat sandles that you find comfortable for walking in and don't mind if they get covered in sand or water. Don't forget your bathing suit or bikini - most important. Sunglasses and a tote are also needed.

Add a light sundress, cotton blend shirt, hat, denim or similar type causal short skirt, shorts, and a light sweater.

Make yourself a checklist. Remember - pack for your destination, pack simple but pack fashionable. Add accessories and jewelry and you'll have fashionable fun in paradise!


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Basics That Wont Break The Bank

There are plenty of basics you can pick up that theres no need to pay the extra to obtain a design name. From the outside no ones going to know they arent designer and no ones going to see the label so their a safe bet!

Items such as white jeans, flirty skirts, cotton Ts, crocheted shrugs, or shorts can be purchased without the designer name. Also watch for Ts put on sale by some of the big online retailers for as much as 50% off.

Looking fresh like they just came off the rack is important. If you purchased budget items then youve save quite a few dollars so once they start looking not so fresh get rid of them.

Shoes are another arena where you can save some money. No need to buy designer. Most important is fit and comfort, and of course you need to be certain theyll work with your wardrobe. This season the wedge, as well as flats for the summer season, are in style so have some fun. If you shop carefully you can add several pair for the price of one pair of designer shoes.

Lastly you can save a whole lot of money on your jewelry. Costume jewelry is affordable and the selection is great. If you stick to costume jewelry you can buy pieces for this seasons fashion and not feel bad because you spent too much and they are out of style next year. There are many good online store with very reasonable prices. Dont forget to have a hunt through your old jewelry as well you might be surprised at what you find that has made it back into style. Large clunky jewelry is certainly in. As is wood and bone jewelry. Color is making a big statement this year. This is a very fun season because just about anything goes provided you complete your look.

If you need to get some ideas for the spring season this months womens magazines have some great articles and examples. Vogue, Elle, and In Style are all full of excellent fashion pages.

So dont fret, you can look like a million dollars on a shoe string budget with a little creativity and hunting! Make your fashion statement!




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Discover these fashion secrets for your professional success!

Do you want to be taken seriously at work? A good way to do this is dressing well. I will try and help you by sharing these secrets that are proven winners.

The aim of dressing for work is to come across as competent, secure, professional and polished. A basic fashion instruction is, if the piece of clothing is distracting then its usually inappropriate for work.

Jewelry that jangles is distracting. It should be avoided. Some people can pull it off, but it is usually a no-no. Some handbags look too relaxed. Always go for a handbag that sends the message, Im effective and organized.

Remember the golden rule for fashion. The DETAILS. A nicely kept image is what you are looking for. Choose manicured nails, scuff-free, polished shoes, neat and stylish hair thats not too artsy for the workplace. Spend more for a tailored suit. People are impressed when they see a well-formed suit that projects a fabulous image. Designer labels are appropriate for work, but dont broadcast them. They will look very cluttered and it screams out that youre desperate for attention when you wear too many logos.

Try to get fashion ideas from your boss. Dress like them. If youre boss dresses fairly conservatively, go for a similar look, with your own type of style. If they dress liberally with an artsy edge, hop in for a similar look. Always dress so you have your own personal touch, but dont veer to far from what they have accepted in the office.

Never dress to sexy, too casual, or too lazy, this includes denim, see-through clothing, shorts, wrinkled clothing. Have fun with your look at work, you can experiment with these kinds of clothes elsewhere very often, so get some clothes that are comfortable and make you look like a million dollars.




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Fashion Tips: Dress to Look Young

Dress to look young? Well think about it, how are you normally dressed? How do you normally present yourself to others? Unknowingly, a lot of us have been wearing clothes that made us appear older than we actually are, especially due to the nature of our work.

To maintain a youthful look, a lot of women have invested heavily on skin care products. Many at times neglecting the very basic, the clothing they wore everyday, the way they are dressed. Some due to their profession didnt even realize that all these while; they are actually dressing to look old! Anti-ageing cream simply wont just do magic to them.

To look young and pretty isnt really that difficult. All you need is to spend a little time & effort, giving yourself a little touch up.

Try out a new hairstyle. Visit a hairdresser, they will be able to advise and styled your hair to suit you, bringing out that radiant in you.

If you are still wearing glasses, why not give it a try with contact lens? You can have excellent peripheral vision and at the same time, ease, comfort and convenience. Not forgetting to mention, a more youthful look. Dont you love the way you naturally look without your glasses?

Put on some light makeup to help lift your face, bringing out that natural beauty in you. Do however avoid too heavy a makeup; a heavy eye makeup tends to add ages to the look.

Try out new styles; add a little color to your daily wear. Yes, appropriate dressing for work is important, especially when your job involves frequent meeting with clients. But still, that doesnt mean that you have to stick to the same old boring dull clothing everyday. Well, as long as they are not too short, too tight, too revealing and too bright, you can still have fun with mixing and matching while maintaining your professional image.

For instance, instead of the usual dull black pants & skirt, you can also go for a Glencheck Pants, Ice Blue Cotton Flare Leg Pants, a Pink Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt, White Pleated knee Skirt

Matching them with Yellow Stretch Corduroy Belted Blouse, Mint Chiffon V-neck Blouse, a White, Blue & Red Stripe Button Front Shirt Perhaps even a Blue Dot Capsleeve Jersey Dress?

Many work place, has nonetheless also adopted the idea of a Casual Friday. A printed tee with faded stretch denim jean? Why Not? Well and of course not forgetting the weekends. A Sporty & Youthful look? Its your weekend you call the shots!

Hmm Save the best for the last? Well, theres no need to wait for any special occasion to doll yourself up. You deserve to look your best everyday. Last but not least, put on a smile




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Fashion Tips: Express Yourself With Colors

Feeling troubled over what color to wear? What color makes you look good? Well, fashion is all about yourself. What you choose to wear every morning tells a lot about you and how you felt that day. Even your little handbag carries a little story.

Mixing and matching is a personal choice, you create your very own style!

Well, let's get to understand and have fun with colors

A popular color in Fashion. Light and neutral, it goes well with any color.

Considered a summer color, a good choice for tops. Always have some in your wardrobe. It readily matches bottoms of any color; a pair of blue denim jeans, Khakis pants, a gray skirt, a bright colorful beach bermudas? You name it!

Associated with cleanliness and purity, innocence and gentleness..., it gives you a feeling of freedom and uncluttered openness. Women just always look that lovely in their snowy white wedding gown, don't they?

Tips: add a little touch of white to brighten or lighten up your mood Eg. a white tank top with blue denim jean, white cotton jacket over a hot pink velour smocked baby doll dress or a simply all white for a simple breezy look

A popular color in Fashion, always stylish and never out of trend

A good choice for bottoms. Directly opposite of white, it readily matches tops of any colors. Nonetheless, it is also a popular choice for tops, making the wearer appearing slimmer. A great complementary color for accessories like a pink sparkling evening bag, a diamond necklace...

A mysterious color, it gives you a feeling of perspective and depth. Symbolizing elegance and refinement, it is always regarded as a prestigious color.  

Tips: pair up black with other dark colors for an attractive mature look Eg. a brown wool button front cardigan with black pinstripe bootcut pants, gray tweed cropped blazer with black stretch pintuck pencil skirt

An expressive color extensively use in Fashion.

Most visible and lively of all colors, it creates attraction and excitement. The wearer naturally portraits an image of excitable, energetic, enthusiasm and confidence. Nonetheless, it also suggests an erotic feeling, a lady in red?

A physically inspiring color often associated with vitality and ambition, love & passion.

Tips: pair up red with colors within the red family itself for various moods Eg. a red retro style tee with maroon pleated skirt, hot pink cotton v-neck tank with red fleece collegiate mini skirt

A color commonly use in Casual Fashion.

Similar to red, it creates attraction and excitement. However it suggests a more fun and sunshine mood. The wearer tends to bring about amusing cheeriness to the group. Usually liked by those who embrace changes.

The color of sunshine, often associated with joy, liveliness and optimism.

Tips: pair up yellow with dark or lucid cool colors for a striking youthful look Eg. a yellow ruched halter top with black wool full skirt, yellow roll edge t-shirt with turquoise polka dot tiered mini skirt

A popular color liked by most

Emotionally opposite of red & yellow, it brings about a very soothing & relaxing feel, pleasant to the eyes. Naturally refreshing in mood, it's a good choice for daytime wear.

The color of summer skies and the sea, often associated with calmness, affection, idealism and inspiration.

Tips: match blue with white for a refreshing and sporty look Eg. a bright blue cotton v-neck hoodie with white stretch cotton studded pants, white terry track jacket with pale blue faded jean

A feminine color for girls

Similar to blue, it's soothing and pleasant to the eyes. Naturally sweet in mood, it has a lasting girly appeal. Girls in pink tend to portrait a very sweet & pleasant image, always attractive to the guys.

The color of cotton candy, often associated with warm, everlasting affection & tender love

Tips: add a little pink to bring out the feminine touch Eg matching your black satin strapless sash dress with a pink crocodile clutch, pink collar tee with black stretched cotton cropped pant

Well, there are simply too many colors if I were to go on. I believe you should now have a feel of how matching of colors can be of so much fun? In simple, just play by the color rules:

1. Stick to one color (all white, blue, red...)

2. Hot goes with cool (match yellow with green or blue not with red "it might be too hot!")

3. Use neutral colors to draw the looks together (white, gray, beige and black are good neutral colors)

4. Play around with color of the same family (pink with maroon, sky blue with navy blue...)

Remember, you create your very own style. Have fun!

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How to Develop Your Own Personal Fashion Style

Samuel L. Jackson has a Kangol hat. Jude Law always seems to have a beautiful tailored English suit with a colored shirt. Mischa Barton from the hit TV show The OC has her beautiful frilled skirts. What is your personal fashion style? Have you ever sat down and worked out your personality and what would suit you? You should. After this article you will have some ideas of how to gain that look. THAT LOOK. The look that makes people say, They have great sense of personal style.

First, take a serious assessment of your personal style. Are you traditional? Are you modern with some punk attitude? Fashion forward perhaps, daring even? You have to find this out. This heads you in the right direction.

Second, why are you trying to develop your own personal fashion style? What is the reasoning behind it? Are you trying to be more noticeable, just for fun, or for the opposite sex?

Third, find your niche market on your body. Britney Spears uses her belly button, and has it stand out. Perhaps your neck, ears, eyes, chest, etc. Pick your favorite part and do something with it.

Fourth, because you know your personality, find a celebrity that has a similar taste as you. Get People Magazine or In Style Magazine, flip through and find a celebrity that you would like to copy. Dress like them, and add your own flavor, and let your look evolve.

Fifth, what would you change first? Your hair? Go to a salon. Your clothes? Go to the fashion district of your city. Jewelry? Find some nice boutique thrift stores with some antique or modern jewelry depending on your look. If your going for a huge change, pick out something with a new outfit and slowly incorporate it as jewelry, shirt, or scarf if you dont want a sudden change.

Sixth, rely on accessories first. Handbags, sunglasses, and bracelets are a great way to gradually infiltrate and destroy your old drab look with your new fashion personality.

Good luck in creating your personal fashion style. Make sure you incorporate your new fashion to hide some flaws in your body. Believe me everyone has them, just hide them well, or even better, accentuate your assets! Have fun doing it, but make sure you experiment and ask for peoples opinions in most of what you do. But overall, enjoy yourself by expressing your new personal fashion style.




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How to Jazz up a Bikini

Anyone who has been on the fashion scene for even a small amount of time knows that the bikini has undergone an enormous amount of transformations in its 60-year history. The bikini began in 1947 as smaller than the smallest swimsuit in history (as it was subtly advertised through skywriting). While the original bikini was certainly smaller than the traditional maillot-style swimsuits that were popular in the 1940s, fashion designers have certainly taken the term small to heart in the last six decades.

Such designers have worked endless innovations on the traditional triangle top and full bottoms that originally defined the bikini. For example, the thong bikini has been miniaturized to such an extent that it is a wonder there is any fabric left at all. While the introduction of the tankini to the swimsuit fashion scene briefly refreshed and revitalized the world of the bikini, even this new type of bikini may soon begin its entry to the graveyard of retired swimsuit styles.

Given the explosive nature of the bikinis birth into the fashion world, is it now doomed to enter its golden years quietly and without pizzazz? For fans of unique swimwear everywhere, the answer to this question is a definite and resounding no. While there are only so many innovations to be taken with style and cut (before there is no fabric left to work with), the sky is the limit for what can be done to enliven the current bikini with accessories and extra garnishes. Below you can find a brief list of some of the best ideas for jazzing up tired bikini style.

Belted Bikini: Reminiscent of James Bond beauties, the belted bikini has a sense of retro sexuality that is undeniable. From international model and actress Ursula Andresss first debut of the belted bikini in Dr. No to Halle Berrys replication of the style in Die Another Day, the belted bikini has retained a connotation of incredible sexiness and style. New belted bikinis for the upcoming summer season indulge a sportier look on the traditional belted style. In addition, scarf belted bikinis are hot for the summer season and fresh off the Italian runways. Regardless of the person wearing the belted bikini or the implied connotation, a fun or sexy belt on the hips of a bikini bottom definitely jazzes up tired bikini style.

Ruched Tankini: Despite being on the market for three or four years, the tankini is still one of the newest innovations to hit the swimsuit scene and has quite a bit of potential for jazzing up bikini style. One of the newest and best ways to wear a tankini is to invest in a ruched tankini top. The ruching will allow for alternate lengths on the tankini top (a must for women with either long or short torsos), as well as add a unique style factor to a traditional tankini top. Ruching also helps to slim the overall appearance of the body by defining the waist.

Bedazzled Bikini: One of the most exciting trends of the latest summer season (and in past seasons) is a bedazzled bikini. Fashion designers have added all kinds of glitter, jewels, and other fancy extras to bikinis to spice up the old bikini style. Feel free to pair a bedazzled bikini with some jeweled flip-flops to really add fun, eye-catching extras to your swimwear style. A bedazzled bikini not only jazzes up tired bikini fashion, it also allows you to sparkle on the beach or at the pool with flair.

Tie-front bikini: Any extra details added to the bust portion of a bikini top are generally recommended. The bust is one of the most attractive parts of a womans body, and drawing attention toward the bust has the added benefit of drawing attention away from less desirable body characteristics (like the hips or thighs). With that said, a tie-front on a bikini top definitely adds a level of fun and excitement to bikini style. Besides adding a level of sexy flair to a traditional bikini top, a tie-front also allows small-busted women to lift and shape their breasts to increase the perceived size of the bust.

With all of these fun, new innovations in bikini fashion, there is simply no reason for the bikini to retire into the swimsuit hall of fame just yet. With a little bit of style and some added extras, you can turn your tired bikini into a unique, eye-catching swimsuit creation.




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Tips To Looking Slimmer

Just about every womans weight fluctuates at least a little bit. As we age our bodies can also change shape. These changes are a result of many things child birth, stress, menopause, additional pounds, or loss of weight. The reality is, that the world cant have a all size 5 women.

If we are a size 3, it seems we want to be a size 9 so we have a fuller looking figure. If we are a size 9 we want to be a size 5. Theres just no making women happy. Add the media blitz on the perfect body, it seems we are always feeling inadequate.

Not to worry, its quite easy to make yourself look a few pounds lighter, or to accent your finer points and hide your not so perfect body parts. There are also things you can do to make a small frame look a little larger.

Just because youve gained a couple of extra pounds, you dont have to go looking for a moo moo to wear. Accentuating your finer points is easier than you think. When you accent your good points, the not so good ones fade into the background.

Use illusion to make yourself look two or three sizes smaller. Choosing clothing to suit your shape, skin color, and lifestyle can cut your wardrobe spending in half. Think about all the things you can do with that extra money buy more jewelry, or how about some new pairs of shoes. After all us women can never have enough of jewelry or shoes.

The average woman wears 25% of her wardrobe 85% of the time. So what happens to the rest of those wardrobe items. Well they hang in the closet gathering dust until they come back in fashion 10 or 15 years from now.

Because fashion changes so quickly, there is no point in stocking up on most wardrobe items. Yes, there are the basics that never go out of style such as classic black or white pants, dresses, and skirts. Traditional blazers and tops. But the rest of those wardrobe items will most likely be out of style in less than a year.

So if youre not going to wear it right now this season, leave it at the store. Even when an items on sale, its only a deal if your actually going to wear it.

Heres some tips to help you dress to look thinner:

** Dark colors black, navy, burgundy, dark blue, and gray are thinning
** Use one color in various shades from head to toe
** Avoid large patterns and horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes are okay as long as they arent too big.
** Dont use loose fitting clothing. Contrary to popular belief they dont make you look thinner. As well avoid bulky sweaters.
** Use belts, accessories, and jewelry to draw attention away from your troubled spots.
** Use flat cut pants and skirts, as well as low rise pants
** Wear skirts that fall just below the knees for longer looking legs
** Avoid shiny fabrics, velvets, and velours
** If you are large busted wear a full figure, well fitting bra
** Heel will add height and shape your legs
** Dark panty hose will thin your legs
** Wear shirts thats fall below the waist. Avoid shirts that tuck in.
** Asymmetrical or tiered skirts will make your legs appear thinner and longer
** Wear a fitted blazer
** Use your hair and makeup to draw attention to your face

So dont worry if your weight fluctuates or you put on a few extra pounds, dont fret. Use these tips to make yourself look a little slimmer. Remember fashion is all about you! And being comfortable with who you are! Big or small your wardrobe, makeup, hair, and jewelry can make a fashion statement that wont go unnoticed.





Hair Styles - How to get the most flattering hair style

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and just want to crawl back in bed because of the way your hair looks? We all have bad hair days, but if your bad hair days are turning into bad hair weeks or months, then you might need some help.

Many people look to celebrities to find a new hair style---spending tons of money on all kinds of magazines only to frantically tear thru the pages in search of the perfect hair style.

Then you go to your salon and get that fantastic celebrity hair style only to discover (usually after the first shampoo) that you need to spend about an hour to get it to look the same way.

There are 5 important questions you should ask yourself if you want to get the most flattering hair style that will work for you.

1. How much time you are willing to spend every day fixing your hair? Include hair drying, hair straightening, hair curling, special conditioning, styling, etc. Be realistic about your lifestyle and hair grooming habits. If you don't have the time, don't get a high maintenance hair style.

2. Is your hair in good condition? Don't plan on doing any sort of perms, hair straightening, extensions, bleaching if your hair is damaged or brittle.

3. Do you know what your face shape is? Your face shape is very important for selecting any hair style. What will look great on a square face shape might not look good at all on a round face.

4. Are you generally happy with your hair stylist? Does your hair stylist give you instructions about how to style your hair at home? Do they address all of your concerns about your hair or hair style?

The hair stylist plays a vital role in the way your hair style will look from day to day. Sometimes you can leave the salon looking great--for a day or two. Then it's all downhill after that. You need to get a hair style that YOU can make look great on your own. This can require special instructions from the hair stylist along with specific hair care products.  

5. Do you know what hair styles you like and why you like them? If you explain to your stylist what you like about certain features of a hair style--i.e. long side-swept bangs or long layers in the back---the stylist may be able to add some of these features to your hair style even though the entire hair style may not be suited for your hair.


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